7 Easy Steps to Buying a Home

Here’s a quick look at the steps you’ll take when buying a home with Champion Realty:

  1. Conduct a preliminary search with our listing search tool: Home Search  and sign up for  Email Updates  so you receive notification immediately when a new property is listed for sale.
  2. Contact a Champion Realty loan officer and get your mortgage pre-approved.
  3. Contact Karlton Morris to look for a house in your price bracket (and/or to list your current home if you also want to sell). Then begin looking for a home with your agent.
  4. Once you find a home you want to make an offer on, you’ll sign a purchase agreement and give the seller earnest money to seal the deal. If your offer is accepted, determine a date you wish to close and have the house inspected to discover if the property needs repairs.
  5. Notify your loan officer that you’ve found a property so they can begin the appraisal and title process. And, lock in your interest rate. Your loan officer will send you a new good faith estimate which shows your monthly mortgage payment as well as your estimated cash needed for closing. The title company will notify you of the time and date you close on your home and the items you’ll need to bring to closing.
  6. Notify your phone company, utilities (don’t forget water and sewer), moving company, post office, newspaper and magazines, friends and family.
  7. Pack and move!